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Aerial view of car driving on a snow road

A new year lies before us like an open road shimmering in the sun. Anything is possible. We can try anything. We can begin again. We can ask ourselves: What’s next? Why not?

While we appreciate traditional New Year’s resolutions focused on physical, emotional and financial health, this year, we’re framing ours a little differently. As EV drivers and EV lovers, our EV lifestyles touch every aspect of our lives — including our hopes for the new year.

We invite you to join us in electrifying our intentions for the year ahead:

1. Go on more EV road trips and adventures

While we appreciate how our EVs power our daily lives — office commutes, grocery runs, school drop-offs — we want to say yes to more EV adventures this year. Nothing beats the fun of a road trip except an electric road trip. And with rapidly increasing EV range, expansive charging networks and apps like ChargePoint and weather-resilient EV charging infrastructure, we’re ready to hit the road this winter.

Family in a car sharing laughter and hot drink on a road trip

2. Discover new fun places to charge

We all have our go-to EV charging spots. Maybe you like to charge at home, at work or at the grocery store. While having a charging routine is essential, finding new spots to charge near fun activities and local businesses is a great way to get out and bring more adventure into your daily life. Perhaps there’s a place to charge near a new gourmet doughnut shop. Perhaps that nail salon or work studio you’ve been meaning to try is right next to a ChargePoint station. Perhaps that trail you’ve been eyeing now has its very own charging spot. Expanding your local charging universe is an exciting way to expand — and enjoy — your world.

ChargePoint Express and Express Plus chargers in snow

3. Apply for an HOV sticker if you haven’t already

There’s no time like the present to apply for a handy HOV sticker for your EV. If you happen to live in a state that offers one,  run — don't walk — to get yours. Skip the traffic and sleep in this new year thanks to your new HOV sticker. Chef’s kiss to this cherry on top of an already delicious EV lifestyle.

4. Streamline charging your Tesla with ChargePoint Home Flex

Many of us are both long-term ChargePoint and Tesla customers. For those who already own a ChargePoint Home Flex, ditch the adapters this year with the new ChargePoint NACS connector cable kit. This simple kit allows drivers to streamline their existing home charger all on their own.

Charging Tesla car via NACS connector using ChargePoint Home Flex

5. Explore sustainable incentives across your lifestyle

The new year is the perfect time to take advantage of sustainable incentives across your lifestyle. Explore tax credits and incentives for buying an EV and EV home charger and other energy-efficient home upgrades ranging from solar panels to an electric stove. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other federal, state and local legislation, doing the right thing for the planet is also the right thing for your wallet.

6. Choose clean, affordable electricity at home

Feel good in more ways than one with the cleanest, most affordable electricity at home. First, many utility companies allow consumers like you to select a completely renewable electricity plan — often for little to no additional money. Second, if you charge your EV at home with a smart charger like ChargePoint Home Flex, ensure you’ve set your charging for off-peak hours to save even more money. Win-win for you, your EV, the electricity grid and the planet.

7. Fully customize your smart home charger

Don’t settle for simply plugging in. If you own a smart home charger like ChargePoint Home Flex, the new year is the perfect time to fully customize your home charging experience. Are you scheduling charging for savings and peace of mind? Have you chosen the best charging speed and power for your EV and home? Have you connected your Home Flex to your smart home? (We see you, Amazon Alexa.) Carpe diem!

8. Explore your EV charging app’s best features

Similarly, if you haven’t yet taken full advantage of your EV charging app, there’s no time like the present. Consider the newly refreshed ChargePoint driver app. Set up time-saving widgets on your phone to:

  • Find nearby stations
  • View charging status
  • Check your home charging status
  • Start and stop a home charging session

Did we mention you can do all this without opening the app directly? You can also use your ChargePoint app with your Apple and Android smartwatches, in-dash Apple and Android car displays and Siri. If you haven’t done this yet, you’re missing out, and now’s the time to say yes.

Person looking their phone and a small ChargePoint app widget screen

9. Invest in a smart EV home charger

Drum roll, please. This is perhaps our most significant EV charging resolution yet. While some of us have already taken advantage of extensive EV home charger incentives, many people haven’t and are now ready to seal the deal. Relying on a leading global EV charging and roaming network like ChargePoint, made all the easier with the ChargePoint app, is super easy, affordable and convenient. But owning your own smart home charger takes the convenience of EV charging to the next level. We’re ready for our EVs to be fully charged and ready to go whenever we are. We’re ready to say yes to helpful reminders and scheduled charging. We’re ready for ChargePoint Home Flex to take care of business while we sleep, brush our teeth, sip morning coffee in pajamas — you get the idea.

10. Invest in an EV if you haven’t

Last but certainly not least, if you haven’t yet joined the EV revolution, now is the time. This is your sign to do it. You won’t regret it. Save thousands of dollars and do right by the people and planet you love. You can charge your EV wherever life takes you with the leading ChargePoint network and driver app. It’s really that easy. We guarantee you’ll never look back.

What are your EV and EV charging hopes and dreams for the new year? What’s next? If not now, when?

Discover the ChargePoint app and ChargePoint Home Flex to charge, drive and live better this new year.

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