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National Drive Electric Week 2017 is finally here. Since 2011, this event has been building awareness of electric vehicles and strengthening community among EV drivers with local events such as parades, ride-and-drives, tailgate parties and much more. Despite the name, the event is actually international, with events in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and other countries excited to celebrate driving electric.

Find an Event Near You

EV sales continue to grow at nearly 50% year over year as people choose to drive electric for financial, environmental, technological and other reasons. Whether you’ve had an EV for years or are considering your first one, you can benefit from meeting fellow EV enthusiasts and hearing what they have to say. With more than 200 events already scheduled for National Drive Electric Week, it should be easy to find one near you no matter where you live.

Team ChargePoint at a National Drive Electric week event in 2016.
Team ChargePoint at a National Drive Electric week event in 2016.

At ChargePoint, we usually attend a few National Drive Electric Week events around the country to meet our drivers. One year, we even helped set the world record for an EV parade, which was a fun and memorable experience for all of us. This year, we’re looking to expand the ranks of EV drivers and reward existing drivers with two amazing deals that will help you charge faster at home and stay charged wherever you go.

Charge Faster at Home

You may already be charging your EV using a wall outlet, but did you know you could be charging up to 6X faster with ChargePoint Home? Home can add up to 25 miles of Range Per Hour of charging, schedule charging at off-peak times to save money and help you track all your charging (and energy use, if you have Nest) in one place. It’s also the first ENERGY STAR certified EV charger and uses 40% less energy than other chargers when it’s not charging.

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Charge Up On the Go

Sometimes new EV drivers aren’t sure where they will charge. No matter what you drive, ChargePoint can help with more than [stats:spots_total_round] places to charge across all 50 states and multiple countries. Most of these charging spots are free to use, but for National Drive Electric week, we’re making charging even sweeter with an exclusive deal: new drivers get $10 charging credit when you sign up for ChargePoint. You can use that credit to charge anywhere you go: at work, around town and even out of town. So lose your fear of EV road trips and start exploring stations near your favorite destinations. Sign up with promo code NDEW2017 to get $10 credit.

Charge Up on the Go with ChargePoint

Save a Tree or Two (or Ten!)

All ChargePoint drivers get a monthly email summary that shows how many greenhouse gas emissions you avoided (and how many trees you saved!) by driving electric that month, as well as how many emissions the entire ChargePoint network prevented together. Until you get your first summary, estimate your own greenhouse gas savings using our online sustainability calculator. You can help make your state more sustainable by driving electric, which cuts your greenhouse gas emissions from driving in half (or more), improving air quality in your community.

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