ChargePoint Home Flex Installation FAQ

For model numbers CPH50-NEMA6-50-L23, CPH50-NEMA14-50-L23

Get answers to your questions about installing, activating and selecting amperage for ChargePoint Home Flex. Can’t find what you’re looking for? See our ChargePoint Home Resources.


At which amperage should I install ChargePoint Home Flex?


Flex can be set to charge at 16 amps, 24A, 32A, 40A, 48A or 50A. The higher the amperage, the faster the charging speed, depending on the amperage rating of your car's onboard charger. The 32A and 40A settings are the most popular and work well for most drivers. 48A and 50A offer the fastest charging speeds but may require electrical panel upgrades. If your electrician indicates that your panel has limited capacity, a licensed electrician should select the highest amperage your panel has room for. Note that plug-in installation can only be used for circuits rated 40A or 50A.

Amperage Setting Estimated Range Per Hour Maximum Output Power Circuit Breaker Rating Plug-in Installation Hardwired Installation
16A 12 mi / 19 km 3.8 kW 20A No Yes
24A 18 mi / 29 km 5.8 kW 30A No Yes
32A 25 mi / 40 km 7.7 kW 40A Yes Yes
40A 30 mi / 48 km 9.6 kW 50A Yes Yes
48A 36 mi / 58 km 11.5 kW 60A No Yes
50A 37 mi / 60 km 12 kW 70A/80A No Yes

How do I choose a plug-in or hardwired installation for ChargePoint Home Flex?


We offer a variety of installation options and plug types to fit your needs. To decide which is best for you, first have your electrician help you determine the amount of amperage that best matches your electrical panel capacity and vehicle requirements. Hardwire installation can accommodate circuit breaker ratings from 20 to 80 A and enable up to 50 A of power for fastest charging. It is also the best option for outdoor installation or if your local electrical codes require a GFCI breaker.

If you already have a 240 V outlet available, then you can choose either the NEMA 6-50 or NEMA 14-50 plug configuration that matches your outlet. Please note that these options only work with the 32 A (40 A breaker) or 40 A (50 A breaker) amperage settings. All other amperage settings require hardwire installation. Consider asking your electrician which option is best for you.

How can I prepare to install ChargePoint Home Flex?


Talk to your electrician about what amperage setting is right for you, where you want to install the charger, and send them the Tips for Electricians to make sure you have the correct outlet and circuit.

To find an electrician, use Qmerit Installation Services for ChargePoint Home. Download the ChargePoint app to get ready to activate your station once it’s installed.

Can I install Flex using a NEMA 14-50 or 6-50 outlet to charge at 48A or 50A?


No. ChargePoint Home Flex plug-in installation with a NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 outlet requires circuits rated 40A or 50A (for 32A or 40A charging, respectively). For other circuit/breaker ratings (20A, 30A, 60A, 70A, 80A), the plug is easily removed for hardwired installation using the 3/4" trade size conduit opening in the bottom or rear of the unit. Please have your electrician consult the ChargePoint Home Flex installation guide for additional guidance.

Should I use a NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 plug for plug-in installation?


Either option will work, and your electrician can help determine what's best or which receptacle is already installed in your home. We like NEMA 6-50 because it does not require an additional neutral wire, which may slightly reduce installation cost compared to NEMA 14-50. Outside of EV charging, NEMA 6-50 outlets are commonly used with welders and NEMA 14-50 outlets are commonly used with electric ovens or recreational vehicles.

Another great option to consider if you don’t already have a 240v outlet available is to hardwire your charger. The Hardwire option is the most flexible and can accommodate circuit breaker ratings from 20 to 80 A and enable up to 50 A of charging. The Charge Point Home Flex offers three different installation options to fit your needs: a Hardwire option, NEMA 6-50 and NEMA 14-50. Hardwire installation is recommended if you do not already have a 240 V outlet available with a receptacle that matches either the NEMA 14-50 or the NEMA 6-50 plug type.

Can I install ChargePoint Home Flex outdoors?


Yes, ChargePoint Home Flex is weatherproof and rated NEMA 3R for outdoor use. Use either a hardwired installation or a weatherproof NEMA receptacle for plug-in installation.

Can I use my dryer outlet?


Many 240V outlets found in a garage, like a dryer outlet, use an outlet type that won’t work with ChargePoint Home Flex's plug (NEMA 6-50 or 14-50). Ask your electrician if you can re-purpose the circuit for Flex’s lower amperage settings (i.e. 24A charging for 30A circuit) with a hardwired installation.

How much will it cost to install?


Installation costs vary depending on several factors, including where you live, how far your charger will be from your electrical panel, your home's electrical supply and more. Contact your local electrician to get an estimate.

Do you recommend electricians?


Any licensed electrician can install our home chargers. If you need help finding an electrician, use Qmerit Installation Services for ChargePoint Home.

How do I hardwire ChargePoint Home Flex?


If you plan to hardwire your charger, then purchase the hardwire version of the Home Flex. To install the hardwire product, make sure you use a licensed electrician. See our installation instructions, here.

If you have already purchased your ChargePoint Home Flex, and it came with an input power cable, then consult with your electrician for proper installation. To hardwire, your electrician should remove the input power cable (plug) on the left side of station (note: ensure that station is not powered). Carefully remove the cable clip without breaking it, fully lift the white wire clamps, and carefully pull cord from the bottom of station. Keep the input power cable in case you may want to use it in the future.

Can I install ChargePoint Home Flex on a GFCI breaker?


Yes. However, if local codes require a GFCI breaker for plug-in installation, ChargePoint recommends a hardwire installation. We do not recommend using a GFCI breaker as the Home Flex already has integrated charging circuit interrupting device (CCID) protection. Using a GFCI breaker in the panel, especially with a plug-in installation, can cause nuisance breaker tripping in certain circumstances and interrupt charging.

Can I buy two Home stations and use them on a single circuit? Can I attach a home charger and dryer on a single circuit?


No. Each ChargePoint Home or Home Flex station requires its own dedicated circuit.

Why isn’t the input power cable longer?


12 inches is maximum length allowed under National Electrical Code (NEC).

What is the max amperage of ChargePoint Home Flex?


Flex has a maximum amperage of 50 amps and output power of 12 kW (240V, 50A). A licensed electrician can set this during the installation process down to 3.8 kW (240V, 16A).

How do I activate my charger?


Click here for instructions for how to activate your ChargePoint Home. After the station is installed, activation is easy using the ChargePoint app and allows you to take advantage of ChargePoint Home’s smart features.

Can I activate one ChargePoint Home station with multiple ChargePoint accounts?


No, ChargePoint Home currently supports activation with only one ChargePoint driver account.

Can I increase the amperage of ChargePoint Home Flex after installation?


Your ChargePoint® Home Flex will need to be installed by a licensed electrician who will ensure that your breaker and wire sizing are appropriate and that the amperage matches your electrical panel capacity and vehicle requirements. The licensed electrician will also need to set or adjust the amperage settings of your ChargePoint Home Flex product. If the amperage is set incorrectly, your circuit breaker may trip during a charging session. Please check the ChargePoint Home Flex Installation Guide for additional information and instructions.

After initial installation, you can upgrade the charging speed of ChargePoint Home Flex only if your electrician upgrades the charger's circuit accordingly.  

ChargePoint Home Flex also allows you to manually change the charging rate of your vehicle directly from the ChargePoint app.  You can adjust your charging rate to 80% of your breaker amperage or your charger's maximum-rated output.  

How do I replace my existing ChargePoint Home (CPH25, CPH12) with ChargePoint Home Flex?


First, deactivate and remove your existing station from your account before installing and activating your new ChargePoint Home Flex. In the ChargePoint mobile app main menu, select Home Charger, then Settings, then Reset to Factory Defaults, and then click Yes when prompted to confirm. This removes the previous station from your account but does not affect your charging history.

Next, make sure the station’s circuit breaker is switched off and there is no power to the station. Then, uninstall your original Home station. If you have a plug-in station with a NEMA 6-50 receptacle, use the Flex mounting template to drill holes 1" lower than existing holes. Then proceed with installation and activation steps per the installation guide. Contact an electrician for additional guidance and installation.

If I have no access to WiFi, can I still use ChargePoint Home Flex and set the desired amperage?


We strongly recommend you connect the charger to WiFi to take full advantage of the connected features of the ChargePoint Home Flex. However, if WiFi is not available, your a licensed electrician can still set the desired ChargePoint Home Flex amperage from the default 16A through Bluetooth.

How do I purchase a replacement charging cable for my ChargePoint Home Flex?


Replacement charging cables for ChargePoint Home Flex are available for purchase from the ChargePoint Store in the United States. You may need to purchase a replacement charging cable if your existing cable is damaged and not covered by the limited three-year parts warranty. Consult the ChargePoint Home Flex installation guide and video for how to properly replace the charging cable. When swapping the cable, always make sure the station is powered off by switching off the circuit breaker in your panel, and please consult an electrician if you have any questions.

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