How much will it cost to charge my car? Who sets prices for charging?

Last updated: 8/15/2023

Stations on the ChargePoint network are independently owned, and each station owner or roaming partner decides how much it costs to use their stations. ChargePoint processes the payment for paid charging sessions for the station owner or roaming partner. You can always check pricing in the app and filter for stations that are free to use.

The price you pay at any given ChargePoint station is subject to change at any time. We will notify you of upcoming pricing changes if you have enabled notifications in your ChargePoint account. If you are not using your ChargePoint account to access a station, other fees may apply.

Pricing on roaming partner stations is determined by the partner, and we pass through costs without any markup. Pricing on roaming partner stations might be different in the ChargePoint app from pricing shown on the station. The price in the app is always what you will be billed.

Station owners or roaming partners may choose to charge by the kilowatt hour (kWh), by the hour, using a flat fee, minimum or maximum fee, or an overnight or idle fee. Some connections offer discounted pricing. Some station owners charge one price for the first hour or two of charging and a different price thereafter. If you have notifications turned on, we will notify you if there is a price change during a charging session.

Public ChargePoint stations are accessible using third-party apps and cards. Charging fees billed through third-party apps can be different from the price shown on the station and is determined by the company operating the card or app.

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