Set Your Own Utility Rate for ChargePoint Home

The ChargePoint app allows electric vehicle drivers to select their utility plan to find out the best time to plug in and get accurate home charging costs to save you money. The plans you can select on the ChargePoint app are usually correct, but sometimes we don’t have the latest rate information for every utility plan. The steps below will show you how to choose your plan and set your own utility rate if the info you need is incorrect or not available.


Activate your ChargePoint Home if you haven’t already.


In the ChargePoint app, open the main menu and select Home Charger.


Choose Settings.


Tap Utility Plan and Utility Price to customize your rate.


Tap the numbers and manually enter the rate you pay for electricity per kWh (often between $0.10-$0.30). Make sure there is a leading zero before the decimal.

Double check the rate you enter against your utility bill. If you enter the wrong rate, your cost estimates in the app will be incorrect.
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