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Alliance Residential Company

Alliance is one of the top privately owned multi-family developer and property management companies in the country. ChargePoint smart EV charging helps Alliance attract residents and extend their tenancy without requiring substantial upfront investment or ongoing management.

Apartment and Condo Communities Invest in Sustainability

Alliance was committed to supporting electric vehicle (EV) charging, but didn’t know where to start back in 2012 when it launched a company-wide sustainability program known as Focus Green. Because EV charging was relatively new to property developers at the time, there wasn’t a clear go-to resource for industry insiders. Alliance began researching funding opportunities such as local rebates and grants, put together an internal email list and joined an informal industry working group on EV charging. While discussing charging with industry peers was helpful, growing demand from residents across regions made it clear that Alliance would need an experienced partner to develop a scalable approach to EV charging.

Alliance Sought Expert Guidance, Simple Management and Driver Support

Because Alliance manages over 300 properties across multiple markets and residents’ needs vary widely between locations, the company needed to be able to modify pricing and other charging options for different markets. Although it offered an important way to attract residents and support sustainability, EV charging couldn’t distract property managers from their core task of leasing units. Straightforward management tools and driver support were crucial.

In addition to smart management features, the company wanted visually appealing EV charging stations that would be easy to install and intuitive for drivers to use. Alliance also sought to partner with an industry leader that had existing brand recognition among EV drivers, as well as stay on top of grant and rebate opportunities that could help fund charging.

ChargePoint Offers a Turnkey Solution, Ongoing Education and Interaction

Alliance chose ChargePoint’s solution for its smart features and industry reputation. The ChargePoint dashboard lets property managers set access and pricing policies for their properties, approve new residents to charge and see how many people are charging. ChargePoint also handles driver payments for charging and reimburses Alliance.

“Our property managers have enough to focus on — leasing our apartments — so [charging] is one thing we can take off their plate,” says Kelly Vickers, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Alliance. A complete solution and hands-on team are also key in making EV charging work. “ChargePoint is willing to guide the property managers through everything,” Vickers affirms. “When I have questions about certain things, I can reach out to the team.”

A Growing EV Charging Program

Alliance has already installed EV charging at over 10% of its assets and that proportion continues to grow. As the EV charging program scales, Alliance’s stated preference for ChargePoint stations takes selecting EV charging solutions off property managers’ plates.

EV charging is popular with residents and helps Alliance attract them with a recognizable brand. Perhaps the most important differentiator for ChargePoint has been the personal touch: “I have always been pleased with the level of customer service,” says Vickers. “I feel like I have always been supported with information when I needed it, and I’ve never had any complaints.”

"From the EV driver perspective, it is such a well-known brand that it just sells itself: ‘Oh yeah, ChargePoint. I use them all the time.'"

Kelly Vickers

Kelly Vickers, LEED Green Associate, GGP

Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility

Alliance Residential Company

Alliance Needed

  • Attract new residents, extend length of residency and stay ahead of the competition
  • Keep property managers focused on leasing units, not managing stations
  • Create a premium experience with visually appealing stations and a familiar brand
  • Find a scalable way to fund charging and meet requirements for EV-ready construction

ChargePoint Delivered

  • Smart charging solution designed for apartments and condos, backed by an expert team
  • Remote management tools, flexible pricing for different markets and 24/7 driver support
  • Industry-leading brand with attractively designed stations and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Up-to-date information about EV charging grants and rebates across regions

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