ChargePoint Connects with Global Community of EV Enthusiasts on Earth Day

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ChargePoint Speaks at the U.S. Embassy on Earth Day

I love working at ChargePoint because everyone here is passionate about helping people drive electric. That passion is a big part of what attracted me to the company, and people express it in many ways. Our employees not only drive electric, but also attend National Drive Electric Week events around the country and even teach EV classes in their free time—not because they have to, because they want to. For ChargePointers, electric mobility isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

This Earth Day, ChargePointers participated in several events around the country—and the world—that reflect our commitment to electric mobility and show just how many different audiences care about this topic. We attended a Health and Human Services event in Washington, D.C., joined forces with the Port Authority of New York, spoke alongside Google Germany GmbH and Fluence Energy at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin (pictured above) and celebrated Earth Day with EV drivers in Palo Alto. Whether it’s answering basic EV charging questions from drivers or explaining to ambassadors how e-mobility contributes to a greener world, ChargePointers are committed to promoting electrification worldwide any way we can. It’s my job to ensure our culture sustains that enthusiasm as we grow.

Meeting EV Drivers Where They Are

ChargePoint in the Community on Earth Day

ChargePointers have been going to a fun, family-friendly Earth Day event in nearby Palo Alto for several years now, and it’s typically well attended by lots of EV owners showing off their cars, as well as EV curious folks who are full of questions. One attendee heard from the City of Palo Alto Utility Program Manager that 20% of Palo Alto residents drive EVs, compared with 3% of Californians, making it the perfect place to celebrate driving electric. The event also offered the opportunity to test drive many different EVs, giving people a taste of what EV life is like. It was uplifting for us to meet so many EV enthusiasts who enjoy using ChargePoint.

Plenty of EV drivers are already familiar with ChargePoint and how we help them charge at home, at work, around town and on trips. It’s always a treat to meet so many drivers and hear their stories about saving money with their EVs (check out this example, previewed below!), taking EV road trips using our app and charging at home (often with ChargePoint Home). A number of drivers were particularly interested in learning more about getting a charger at home.

EV Savings with a LEAF

When people are curious about driving electric, they typically have a lot of questions. We think about these questions as part of our day jobs and aim to deliver helpful information through our website and other methods (sometimes even TV shows pitch in!), but there’s nothing like talking to someone face to face to boost confidence about going electric. It can also feel more comfortable to ask questions outside of a dealership, where drivers might feel pressure to make a purchase. Plus, it’s fun for us to get the chance to use our industry knowledge and share what we work on every day with people in the community.

EV Curious? We're Here to Help

Join the Charge

I'm proud of our ChargePointers for helping folks drive a better way every day. EV drivers make great ChargePointers because they care about electrification, but driving electric isn’t a requirement to join us. If you’re already an enthusiast or just EV curious and looking for a job that lets you work on something you really care about, as well as work alongside others who share your passion, consider working with us. We’re growing across teams at our HQ in Campbell, California; hiring support, marketing and other positions in Scottsdale, Arizona; looking for software engineers in India; and growing fast in Europe. Take a look and see what gets you charged up.

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