ChargePoint Home 25 (32A) Features and Settings

For station model numbers CPH25, CPH12

Get answers to your questions about connected features and settings for ChargePoint Home 25 (32A). Can’t find what you’re looking for? See our ChargePoint Home Resources.

How do I set reminders to plug in?


Make sure your home charger is connected to WiFi, then follow these steps to set reminders. If you’re not plugged in at the set time, we’ll send you reminder in the app.

How do I schedule charging?


Make sure your home charger is connected to WiFi, then follow these steps to find the right schedule based on your local utility rates. If you’d like, you can select a different time to charge. Just click the start and end times to change them. Set a different schedule for weekdays and weekends based on your needs.

Tip: If the app doesn’t select the right utility or rate plan for you, you can set your own in the app.

Can I see my battery’s state of charge in the app when charging at home?


The SAE J1772 connector standard doesn't currently support communicating a battery's state of charge from a car to a charging station. However, you can see near real-time data about how much energy has been delivered and how many estimated miles of range you've added for every home charging session.

How do I charge right away if I’m on a schedule?


If you have a charging schedule set and need to charge immediately, just plug in, unplug and plug back in within a few seconds to start charging right away.

What if my WiFi disconnects or is unavailable?


If your WiFi is down or disconnected, ChargePoint Home will still charge your car on schedule or when you plug in (unplug and plug in again to charge right away on a schedule).

How do I connect to Alexa?


First, activate your station by connecting to your home WiFi network. Then, follow these steps to enable the Alexa skill through the Amazon Alexa app.

What can I do with Alexa and ChargePoint?


Connect Amazon Alexa to a ChargePoint home charger and use your voice to:

  • Start and stop charging your car (home charging only)
  • Ask if your car is plugged in (home charging only)
  • Check charging status (home charging only)
  • See how much you spent on charging (home charging only, but public charging coming soon)
  • Check miles added (home or public charging)
  • Check your ChargePoint account balance (home or public charging)

Have ideas for Alexa skills? Send them to and we’ll see what we can do

Can I connect with Apple Siri or Google Home?


iPhone users can add the Siri shortcut in the ChargePoint app to make charging a breeze everywhere they go. Follow these steps to use Siri voice assistant to manage your home and public charging.

We currently do not have a Google Home integration for ChargePoint Home. However, this is a frequently requested feature from drivers and we’re incorporating into our product roadmap.

How can I prevent others from using my station when I'm not home?


To make sure that there is no unauthorized use on your station, you can schedule charging in the ChargePoint app to only charge when you’ll be at home. If you need to charge at a different time, plug in, unplug and plug in again to start charging. You can also always check the charging status of your Home or stop charging remotely in the ChargePoint app.

What do the station’s LED colors mean?


The station’s glowing LED indicator shows you real-time charging status:

  • Green: ready to charge (blinking green means a schedule is set)
  • Blue: plugged in (pulsing blue means station is actively charging car)
  • Red: something’s up – contact Support
  • White: not connected to WiFi (blinking white means the station needs to be activated) 

Can I turn off the station’s LED indicator?


Right now, the station’s glowing LED indicator cannot be turned off, but we’re working on this capability.

Can I move my home charger?


Plug-in stations are easy to unplug and move. To move the hardwired version, call an electrician.

How can I provide feedback or ideas for new features?


Send your feedback to and we’ll see what we can do.

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