Sustainability in the Workplace

Do the Right Thing. Be a Green Leader.

With Smart EV Charging for Employees, Tenants and Customers

Sustainability in the Workplace

25% of Vehicles Sold Will Be Electric by 2025


Does Your Sustainability Program Support EVs?

Offering EV Charging Has Many Benefits:

  • Align sustainability initiatives with business goals
  • Reduce GHG emissions
  • Engage employees and customers in sustainability initiatives
  • Understand your environmental and financial ROI
  • Establish your brand as a green leader
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EV Charging Is Good for the Planet and Your Business


Reduce Emissions by 50% or More


Encourage visitors to drive EVs


EV charging lets you do your part to help slow climate change or even eliminate emissions altogether when you use renewable electricity sources. Support customers, tenants and employees in switching to an EV by offering charging at your company, and set an example for others to follow. You can also attract new customers, tenants and employees and strengthen loyalty by offering this green amenity.

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4 in 5 of the U.S. EPA’s Top Green Power Partners are ChargePoint Customers

EV charging is a highly visible demonstration of Kohl’s sustainability commitment. Our customers can’t easily interact with our rooftop solar arrays, and they can’t see the behind-the-scenes energy efficiency initiatives… but [offering] EV charging as a free service to our customers says a lot.

Rebecca Sherman
Director of Sustainability & Development, Kohl’s

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Don’t Offer Just EV Charging.
Offer Smart Networked EV Charging.

See Your Environmental Savings. Get Drivers Engaged.

  • Demonstrate your environmental impact with detailed reporting
  • Easily manage and measure energy use and charging revenue
  • Participate in demand response and time-of-use electricity programs to control electricity costs and qualify for LEED certification
  • Limit access to stations and offer special pricing for employees and customers
  • Make it easy for EV drivers to find your stations through the ChargePoint app
  • Stay focused on sustainability thanks to the industry’s best warranty and 24/7 driver support
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