Creating a ChargePoint Account

ChargePoint is the world’s leading and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network with more than 107,400 public charging spots. Drivers also have access toan additional 100,000 charging spots through ourroaming agreements,ensuring 80% coverage of public charging in 10 of the largest countries in Europe. By creating a free ChargePoint account, you can easily get notified when your carhas finished charging and track all of your public and home charging in one place.


Get the ChargePoint app, available for iPhone and Android.


Select ‘Create account’ to start the process.


Fill in the ‘Create account’ screen with your basic information, accept the ‘Privacy Policy and Terms of Service’ and hit ‘Next’ to continue.


Fill out the ‘Add payment’ screen (or skip it).

When you create your account, you can provide payment info so you’ll be ready to charge wherever you go, even at stations with a fee.If you only use free stations, you’ll never be charged.

You can start a charge at any time with your phone. Request a ChargePoint card during sign-up if you’d like one as a back-up.


Tell us what car you drive in the EV information section. This helps us estimate how long it will take to charge your car.


Choose how you want to get updates about charging in the Notifications section.


That’s it! Now you can find places to charge wherever you go.

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