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You see the writing on the wall. Each year, more and more of your current and target residents are bringing home new EVs. Many of them plan on making their next car purchase electric.

Where does that leave you, your properties and your portfolio? You know your business needs to invest in EV charging to attract and retain future and current residents. But will it really pencil out? How can you maximize the abundance of incentives and rebates? And what about the hard costs?

More important, will you actually see an ROI from your EV charging implementation? In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes.

Calculate your potential multifamily real estate ROI from EV charging

We’ve developed an ROI calculator to help you determine how EV charging can benefit your bottom line — along with resident satisfaction. We’ve included some placeholder numbers and used what we’ve learned over 17 years of installing stations, to give you a place to start. Things like:

  1. Embracing smarter site design
  2. Maximizing your current power availability
  3. Ensuring you capture all possible incentives
  4. Financing the costs to match your business model

We encourage you to plug in your numbers (theoretical works, too!) and run some diverse scenarios, to learn when you’ll start turning a profit and what your annual net revenue could be. In many cases, you’ll see it’s not that far off.

Of course, working with the right partner — one with thousands of installs under its belt and that understands how to maximize every opportunity — helps boost your ROI, too. Let us know when you’re ready to talk about your specific project in more detail.

What are additional ways to maximize your ROI from EV charging?

1. Increase your occupancy rate

Attracting and retaining EV drivers helps you meet other goals, including increased occupancy and less administration. EV drivers often make great residents. They want to live in communities that align with their values, especially around sustainability — and many are willing to spend more for high-end amenities like EV charging. Consider this: BloombergNEF expects EVs to represent over half of new car sales by 2040. With EVs becoming more mainstream and many millennials and Gen Zers opting for a rent-first lifestyle, residents are likely to increase the length of time they live at your property for the foreseeable future.

2. Consider charging residents for energy

Yes, you can charge your residents for the energy they use. And yes, they will appreciate that you are providing premium infrastructure that enables them to save time and money daily. If you didn’t offer charging, they would need to pay for gas (about $5 a gallon depending on where you live) or use public charging stations, which are more expensive to use and less convenient than charging at home. Not to mention aligning with residents’ desires for a sustainable place to call home.

3. Consider charging for charger access

In many cases, you can also charge residents for access to an EV charger in a parking space dedicated to them. Depending on your market and how competitive it is for parking spaces, many multifamily properties now charge between $25 and $200 per month for a dedicated parking space with an EV charger.

The EV revolution is just getting started. As millions more drivers — including your residents — are expected to go electric in the U.S. in the next five years, it’s time for you to evaluate how you can right-size your investment in EV charging for multifamily properties. We’d love to help you.

Talk to an expert to maximize your ROI

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