All Kinds of Companies Make EV Charging Part of the Workday

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Kohler Provides EV Charging for Employees

Electric vehicles: they’re not just for Californians anymore (not that they ever were). Nearly every state has EV driving populations in the thousands, one in five Americans plans to purchase an EV for their next car and Canada continues to electrify rapidly, too. EV adoption is accelerating, everywhere.

Given low unemployment rates and recent job growth, most EV drivers have jobs to get to every day. Because most EV charging happens at home or work, all kinds of companies are making it a point to add charging to their list of amenities for employees. Unlike onsite acupuncture or massage, EV charging is something that employees use every day and really appreciate having at work. It’s a great differentiator for any type of workplace, in any location, because it keeps employees engaged and enhances loyalty while supporting sustainability efforts. 

From Wisconsin to Colorado and beyond, ChargePoint customers have made EV charging an integral part of their workplace culture, using it to engage employees, improve productivity, enhance brand image, support sustainability efforts and keep up with the times. Check out what companies small and large have to say about why offering EV charging to employees is so important, and see what best practices help them succeed. 

The Alliance Center 

Workplace Charging at the Alliance Center

Leading collaborative workspace provider lives up to its high sustainability standards by offering EV charging to tenants and the local community. 

“We feel that EVs are going to be the future and we wanted to be on the leading edge of that effort."

– Chris Bowyer, Director of Building Operations, The Alliance Center 

Best practice: Explore LEED building certification; include the broader community in sustainability efforts. 



Kohler is seeing the EV revolution happen in real time—and providing charging to associates as a result. 

“Sustainability is a big part of who we are. It's okay to be an environmentalist and a capitalist and a sustainable company all at the same time.”

– Nathan Nissen, Principal Engineer of Sustainability, Kohler  

Best practice: Use reporting to balance availability of charging spots with employee demand for charging. 


Marketo showcases its sustainability efforts with EV charging for employees. 

"When you pull into our parking lot, you see 12 charging spots right in front. This shows people we’re a company that cares about the environment." – Robert Stecker, Senior Director of Global Facilities, Marketo 

Best practice: Highlight EV charging by offering it in a convenient location. 

Sierra Wireless 

Sierra Wireless uses EV charging to attract employees. Even better, its products are part of the stations! 

"Employees are thrilled about workplace charging and it's been a selling point during interviews. I wish every project was like this."

– Treena Nelson, Senior Manager, Facilities, Sierra Wireless 

Best practice: Use cloud services to set and manage EV charging policies. 

United Airlines 


United Airlines offers charging at its locations in Chicago and San Francisco to support its sustainability efforts. 

"Employees love EV charging. They want more."

– Aaron Stash, Manager of Environmental Strategy and Sustainability, United Airlines

Best practices: Look into local EV charging building codes, implement sustainable design standards to prepare for EV charging in parking lots and plan ahead for future demand. 

University of California, San Diego 


UCSD provides charging for a growing number of students, staff and faculty at its large main campus. 

"Right now we are experiencing 50 new EV drivers for month, which is twice what we had hoped for. When we started this program, we did it with the "Field of Dreams" approach: build it and they will come. But we never estimated that they would come in this volume."

– Byron Washom, Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives, UC San Diego 

Best practice: Future-proof your investment for future demand; find a charging vendor with high reliability and innovative technology at reasonable cost. 

Werner Electric 

Werner Electric prepares for the future of mobility with EV charging. 

"At Werner, we believe EV charging is the next big disruptive technology, and that's why we chose ChargePoint."

– Ben LeRoy, Product Manager, Clean Energy, Werner Electric 

Best practice: Count on ChargePoint for accurate reporting and 24/7 driver support. 


From helping drivers to optimizing station utilization, ChargePoint aids all kinds of companies in making EV charging work for their employees. Use our guide to make EV charging work at your workplace. 

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