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The ChargePoint® Home charging station is flexible with a range of power levels, installation types and cord lengths. Build your Home charging station then click "Buy Now on Amazon" to go directly to that bundle page to purchase.

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Recommended indoor configuration
ChargePoint 32 Amp, 25’ Cord, Plug Station

Recommended outdoor configuration
ChargePoint 32 Amp, 25’ Cord, Hardwired Station

Power Level:

16A station comes with a 12' cord.
32A station is available with an 18 or 25' cord.

16A, up to 12 miles
of Range Per Hour

32A, up to 25 miles
of Range Per Hour

Installation Location:


(Requires hardwire)

Installation Type:

Please refer to the professional electrician install guide for information on hardwire and outlet installation. Plug version requires NEMA 6-20 or 6-50 outlet.



Cord Length:




Sorry, this configuration is currently out of stock.