General ChargePoint Home FAQs

What are the different station options? Why would a driver choose one over the other?

There are three variables: Power level, installation type and cord length. View the buying guide to decide which station is right for you.

Power Level: The station's maximum charging speed depends on your car's onboard charger—check your vehicle's specifications. For either option, you may need to upgrade your panel.

  • The 32 Amp station is six times faster than your standard 110V outlet delivering up to 25 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH). The station won't deliver maximum power if your car has a slower onboard charger.
  • The 16 Amp station is three times faster than your standard 110V outlet delivering up to 12 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH). Drivers should consider future charging needs – if their next vehicle can charge at a faster rate, they may want to consider the 32 Amp station.

Installation Type: Home can be installed inside or outside. Depending on which version you want, you may need some electrical work.

  • The Plug version is for indoor installation only but is flexible – it's easy to take with you if you move. Also, installing an outlet generally is more affordable than hardwiring a station and with the correct outlet you can install the station yourself.
  • The Hardwire version can be installed either indoors or outdoors and requires a professional electrician.

Charging Cord: The cord has a universal connector that charges any EV on the road. It's up to you what length fits your parking style.

  • 25' provides maximum flexibility to reach the charging port on any EV no matter how or where you park
  • 18' provides good reach and is more manageable than the 25'
  • 12' comes with Home 12, 16 Amp station only

Why does a driver need a Level 2 station at home?

Plugging into a 110V outlet (level 1) only provides a maximum of 5 miles of range per hour of charging. To charge a 100 mile range EV from empty on a level 1 station would take approximately 20-25 hours versus just 4 hours with a level 2 charger.

Why does a driver need a networked station?

The majority of home chargers are dumb, non-networked stations. Because Home is networked and Wi-Fi enabled, drivers have access to a host of features including:

  • Automatic updates with the latest software upgrades over WiFi
  • Remote start, scheduling and reminders with the ChargePoint mobile app
  • Energy tracking and estimated miles added based on your car model
  • Identify your utility provider to recommend the best time to charge
  • Integrated with the ChargePoint network so drivers can track all their charging session data in one place

What features are unique to ChargePoint Home versus a competitor's station?

  • Cord is available in multiple lengths and is easily interchangeable
  • Available in hardwire or plug installation
  • Networked station offering remote start, scheduling, reminder, energy tracking and more through the ChargePoint mobile app
  • The majority of home stations don't have the ability to schedule charging and the ones that do have limited scheduling options. Home is 100% configurable.
  • UL listed meeting the stringent requirements of the nation's leading safety standards organization.
  • Only station that provides drivers charging analytics including their energy usage and how many miles they've added based on their car model
  • Starting at $499, Home is one of the most affordable, feature-rich stations

Can the station be used outdoors?

Yes – Home is durable and suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Outdoor installation requires the hardwire version.

Is ChargePoint Home easily portable?

The plug version can be easily uninstalled (unplugged) and moved. To move the hardwired version, you'll need to call an electrician.

What are the dimensions?

Home is just 7 inches wide by 11 inches high and 4 inches deep (wall mount) and just under 7 inches deep when the connector is docked. It takes up less wall space than a sheet of paper.

Can I buy ChargePoint Home for my business?

Home is for residential use only. You should not install Home at a business. If installed at a business, the station's warranty will be voided.

If you're looking for an EV charger at your business, check out our Commercial stations which allow you to set usage fees, access control and more. ChargePoint leads the market with revolutionary commercial EV charging.

What are the available cord lengths?

Home 12, 16 Amp station comes with a 12' cord.
Home 25, 32 Amp station is available with an 18 or 25' cord.

What's the amperage of the cords?

12' cord: 16A
18' cord: 32A
25' cord: 32A

If you purchase a 16 Amp plug station, it will provide a maximum of 12 miles of Range Per Hour.

If you purchase a hardwire 16A station and want to upgrade to the faster charging speed, you will need to purchase a replacement cord (18 or 25') and upgrade your panel to a 40 A circuit.

What is the maximum output power?

Home 25, 32 Amp: 7.7 kW
Home 12, 16 Amp: 3.8 kW

Can I track my energy consumption for each session?

Yes. The ChargePoint mobile app has a feature called Charging Activity that will show you a graph of real time power in kW and energy consumption in kWh for each session.

Is the software upgradable?

Yes – Home is WiFi enabled and ChargePoint will remotely and automatically update the station as new features become available.

Do you get support with ChargePoint Home?

Yes – Home users will benefit from 24x7 phone support from our team at 1-888-758-4389

Does ChargePoint provide a warranty with Home?

Home is backed by a 3-year warranty and comes from the world leader in commercial EV charging.

Are there any recurring fees to use ChargePoint Home?


Why do you need my credit card information to use ChargePoint Home?

We ask for your credit card information in case you want to charge at public charging stations. Your card won't be charged until you use a public charging station.

Does ChargePoint Home require a ChargePoint membership?

Yes. ChargePoint Home owners will need a ChargePoint account but it is free to sign up with ChargePoint.

How do I set up reminders to plug in?

Make sure your home charger is activated and connected to WiFi. In the ChargePoint app, open the main menu and select Home Charger. Click Remind Me to Plug In and turn on the Remind me option. Then, just pick what time you’d like to get your reminder. If you’re not plugged in at that time, we’ll send you an app notification reminder every day.

How do I schedule charging?

Make sure your home charger is activated and connected to WiFi. In the ChargePoint app, open the main menu and select Home Charger. Click Schedule. Turn on the Schedule option. Choose your local utility and plan, and we’ll recommend the best time to charge.

If you’d like, you can select a different time to charge. Just click the start and end times to change them. Set a different schedule for weekdays and weekends based on your needs.

Note: If the app doesn’t select the right utility or plan for you, please contact us at or 1-888-758-4389.

Will ChargePoint Home work without WiFi?

Yes. If your WiFi is down or disconnected, ChargePoint Home will still charge your car on schedule. If you need to charge sooner, just plug in, unplug and plug back in within a few seconds to start charging your vehicle right away. Learn more in the install guide.

If you don’t have ChargePoint Home on a schedule, it will start charging your car as soon as you plug in, even without a WiFi connection.

What can I do with Alexa and Home?

Connect Amazon Alexa with ChargePoint Home and use your voice to:

  • Start and stop charging your car (Home Needed)
  • Ask if your car is plugged in (Home Needed)
  • Check charging status (Home Needed)
  • Check miles added (Home not required)
  • See how much you spent on charging (Home required now but working on enhancement to include public charging)
  • Check your ChargePoint account balance (Home not required)

How do I connect Home and Alexa?

First, use the ChargePoint app to connect Home to WiFi and your ChargePoint account:

  • Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone. (Stand close to Home to make sure you can connect.)
  • Open the ChargePoint app. On the main menu, click "Home Charger."
  • Select "Set Up Home Charger" from the Home Charger screen.
  • Select "Activate" and follow the instructions in the app.

Note: Connecting to Home is optional if you don’t have ChargePoint Home and just want to use Alexa to check your ChargePoint account balance and history.

Then, add the ChargePoint skill in the Amazon Alexa app and connect your ChargePoint account to Alexa:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app
  • On the main menu, choose "Skills"
  • Type ChargePoint in the search bar
  • Select the ChargePoint Skill
  • Click enable (you'll be directed to
  • Enter your ChargePoint account details
  • Click Done
  • Tell Alexa to ask ChargePoint to start a charge

You can only connect one ChargePoint account to Alexa.

What’s the difference between the ChargePoint skill and ChargePoint Home skill?

ChargePoint Home is a smart home skill set that allows you to turn your charger on and off.

ChargePoint is a custom skill that includes the ChargePoint Home skill and more, including the ability to charge your EV and check how much you're spending on charging. If you want to charge your car using Alexa, you’ll need the ChargePoint skill.

I can't pair Alexa with Home.

Make sure your home charger is activated and connected to WiFi (the LED ring should be green if you're not plugged in) and that your phone has WiFi or mobile connectivity.

If you still have trouble, request help here.

How do I use Alexa with ChargePoint?

After you connect ChargePoint Home to Alexa, Alexa will be able to ask ChargePoint to charge your car, check your balance and more. Just say, "Alexa, ask ChargePoint..."

  • To start charging my car
  • To stop charging my car
  • If my car is plugged in
  • How many miles I’ve added
  • How much I spent on charging last month
  • To check my account balance

How do I rename my ChargePoint Home?

In the ChargePoint app, open the menu, then navigate to Home Charger > Settings > Name. Edit your Home Charger Name and save.

How do I request more Alexa skills?

We want to make sure Alexa is useful to you. Just email your ideas to and we’ll see what we can do.