How to Leave a Driver Tip


Drivers with a ChargePoint account can leave feedback about a station by leaving a Driver Tip. Tips like “The station is on the top floor of the parking garage” make it easier for other drivers to find a station and stay updated on its status.

Step 1

Download the ChargePoint app, available for iPhone and Android, and sign up or log in.

Sign up or log in screen

Step 2
Open the app and find the station where you want to add a tip.
Map screen

Step 3
Tap the station pin and open the station info bar at the bottom of the screen to see the station details page.
Station Detail screen

Step 4
Scroll down to the Tips section and select “Add Tip”.
Tips screen
If there’s a problem with the station, like it’s not charging your car, a connector is broken or the station info is wrong, please click “Report a problem” and let us know, so we can try to get it fixed.
Step 5
Write a tip with info on how to find the station or feedback for the station owner and choose to leave the tip for the station you selected (if your feedback is specific to that station) or all stations in that area (if you’re helping people find a group of stations).
Write a tip screen

Step 6
Press “Done” to confirm.
Confirmation screen
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