EV Driver Support

Are you a ChargePoint EV driver who needs help now? Call us for a quick, helpful answer. We take care of EV drivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for charging session support and ChargePoint account assistance.

EV Driver and ChargePoint Account Assistance
1300 300 885 Option 1 AU
0800 300 885 Option 1 NZ
(24 hours)


EV Driver FAQ

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What is ChargePoint?

ChargePoint is the largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the world, with more than 98,300 charging locations globally. Ranked #1 by leading independent research firm, Navigant Research, ChargePoint makes advanced hardware and best-in-class cloud based software. ChargePoint’s open network is utilized by many leading EV hardware makers and encourages all EV charging manufacturers to join.

ChargePoint’s real-time network information including the availability of charging locations throughout the nation is available through the ChargePoint mobile app and online. Every 9 seconds, a driver connects to a ChargePoint station and by initiating over 60.2 million charging sessions, ChargePoint drivers have saved over 80 million litres of petrol and driven over 85 million gas free kilometres.

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What can I do with my ChargePoint account?

Creating a ChargePoint account will give you quick and easy access to the largest EV charging network with over 300+ places to plug in. You can initiate sessions without a membership, but with a free ChargePoint account, you can set up mobile and email notifications to get updates on the charging status of your vehicle.

You can also save your favorite station locations, manage your charging payments, track your energy use, gas savings, and greenhouse gas emissions avoided. Plus, view your monthly statements to track all your charging activity. Sign up here.

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Will my EV be able to charge on the ChargePoint network?

ChargePoint is open to all EV drivers and supports all full battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

If you have a Type 1 vehicle (Holden, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes models), sign up for a ChargePoint account and start charging today.

If you have a Type 2 vehicle (Tesla models), simply sign up for a ChargePoint account and you will be able to start charging using an adapter. More information about J1772 to Type 2 adapters and where they can be purchased is available on various online owner forums.

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How do I find a spot to charge?

Our real-time network information is available on our map, on the ChargePoint mobile app and in the navigation units of top selling EVs.

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How do I start a charging session?

You can easily start a session with your ChargePoint card, using the ChargePoint mobile app, with an RFID credit card or by calling driver support at 1300 300 885 AU or 0800 300 885 NZ. The support number is listed on each ChargePoint station and on the back of your ChargePoint card.

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How much will I pay to charge my car?

Most stations are currently free to charge, however, stations on the ChargePoint network are independently owned, so each station owner sets the price for use of their stations. Many stations are completely free to use. You can see the price to use a specific station on our mobile app by viewing the indicated rates on the station details page, or click a charge spot on our online map and view pricing in the station details pop up. The price also scrolls across the charging station's display. Because prices are dynamically configured by individual station owners, the price you pay at any given ChargePoint station is subject to change at any time without notification.

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How do I obtain or activate a ChargePoint card?

You can sign up for a free ChargePoint card online or via our ChargePoint mobile app. After signup you will receive a free card within 7-10 business days. Once it arrives, you must log in to your account and activate your card. Go to My Account and select Manage ChargePoint Cards. Make sure you have your ChargePoint card on hand to enter the serial number and select save.

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How do I pay for charging?

ChargePoint operates on a credit system. The first time you use a ChargePoint station with a fee, you’ll need to enter payment information. We’ll charge you $10, keep that as a balance on your account and deduct your charging costs from it. Every time your balance goes below $5 we’ll add another $10 using the payment method on file. (If you charge your EV a lot, we’ll bring your balance up to your average monthly charging total instead of $10.)

If you only use free stations, we’ll never charge your card. If you cancel your account, we’ll refund the remainder of your balance. To update or remove your payment information anytime, go to Financial Information (web) or My Profile (mobile) under My Account.

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What are notifications, and why are they important?

Notifications help you stay aware of your electric vehicle charging status at all times. You can set up mobile and email
notifications for:

  • When your car is fully charged.
  • When charging is interrupted.
  • When the power to your car is reduced.
  • For charging station reservation status and reminders.

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How does ChargePoint manage station faults?

ChargePoint monitors the health of the network. When we encounter a station that is not operating correctly or are alerted to a down station by a driver, we reach out to the owner (or their designee) in order to help facilitate the repair. The vast majority of ChargePoint manufactured stations are owned independently, and thus, any repair or maintenance of those stations will be carried out by the owner of a given charging station.

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How are my greenhouse gas savings computed?

We use a 'Well-to-Wheel' approach which includes emissions associated with generation and transmission of electricity, combined with Australian Government vehicle and energy estimates in a formula that derives the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions you've prevented, based on how much you've used your EV (that is, based on your car's energy consumption). Here are the estimates we use in our calculation:

  • An average internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle emits 219g of CO2 per kilometre.
  • The Australian passenger car average fuel efficiency for ICE vehicles is 11.1 litres/100km.
  • An electric vehicle has an average efficiency of 6 km/kWh. [Note: This is our estimate based on data for several types of electric vehicles.]
  • The Australian average emissions from the generation and transmission of electricity is 0.89 kg of CO2 per kWh of electricity generated.
  • In our calculations we have not taken into account the positive impact of green power offsets which would eliminate the emissions associated with electricity generation and transmission (0.89 kg of CO2 per kWh).
  • CO2 is 95% of GHG emissions
  • Combining these numbers, we get 0.45 kg/kWh of CO2 GHG Savings.